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Spring 2003
2002 WMC Financial Report

Welcome to the first annual WMC financial report! A few things should be pointed out.


Thich Nhat Hanh is scheduled to give a talk to Congress Sept. 10 as part of the Faith and Politics Institute's Caps-Emerson Lecture Series. In addition, he plans to lead a two-day retreat for members of Congress, followed by a public talk on Sept. 14.


ē The WMCís Committee on Mindful Politics is assisting with organizing the Congressional events.

Contact Carolyn Cleveland, ccleveland(at)

ē WMC members are assisting with advance preparations and providing logistical support for the public talk on Sept. 14.

Contact Bill Menza, wmenza(at)

1. Our income as a community was over $10,000 last year, including monies from our special fundraising projects. Thatís pretty darn impressive for a small community such as ours. We spent just over $9,500, also impressive. We were in the black last year in total funds, but in the red after subtracting the extra income from the dedicated accounts. The $1,245 remaining in the dedicated accounts is still dedicated ó that is, it must be spent on projects for which the money was raised. Subtracting that money from the $714 surplus, we are left with a deficit of $531. Still, thatís not at all bad for a year in which Thich Nhat Hanh did not come to Washington to give a public talk (a reliable source of income for the community, via ticket and book sales).

2. Our fund-raising for special projects, i.e. the dedicated accounts, was quite successful. We raised $4,805 for the year, nearly half the overall amount, and spent $3,560. This shows that folks are willing to give generously for specific projects, when they see the benefit for the community (the WMC) or for kindred communities (Plum Village). And not only did we help provide a server to Plum Village, we also gave them our own Barbara Newell, newly ordained as a nun!

3. The $528 for remodeling the Viharaís downstairs bathroom was entirely raised from the sale of glass ornaments, made at two "mindful glass-fusion parties." Thanks to everyone who helped make them, and to Joe Toole who provided the supplies and showed us how.

4. The income statement is not as detailed as it could be. The vast majority of the income falls under the heading "General Donation." This is because I was not as diligent in keeping track of where the monies came from when I made deposits. Now that I see what our annual financial statement will include, I will track our income in more detail in the future. It would also make my life easier if, when folks drop something into the dana box or hand me something, they make a note on their check or put a sticky note on their cash if the contribution is for a specific purpose, such as retreats, classes, or book sales. No need if itís a general-use donation. Thanks!

Joseph Byrne, Treasurer


Community Care Committee

Fall Retreat attendance fees: $910

Subtotal: $910

Retreat Scholarship Committee

General Fundraising: $250

Subtotal: $250

General Donation

WMC dana box contributions: $4,290

Subtotal: $4,290

TOTAL 2002 INCOME: $5,450


Board Allocations

Donations to the Vihara: $1,500

Donations to Plum Village: $500

Subtotal: $2,000

Retreat Scholarship Committee

Scholarships Awarded: $1,000

Subtotal: $1,000

Operations Committee

Books for Sale: $157

Plum Village Dharma Talk CDs: $492

Post Office Box: $100

Magazine Subscription: $20

Subtotal: $769

Community Care Committee

Gifts for Guest Dharma Teachers: $67

Charter Hall Fall Retreat: $910

Subtotal: $977

Communications Committee

Community Telephone: $102

Newsletter Printing: $368

Newsletter Postage: $241

Subtotal: $710

Committee on Mindful Politics

Sound System, November Vigil: $450

Banner, November Vigil: $55

Subtotal: $505



Plum Village Server

Income: $2,997

Outlay: $2,280

Balance: $717

Barbara Newell Plum Village Fund

Income: $1,280

Outlay: $1,280

Balance: $0 (account closed)

Vihara Bathroom Fund

Income: $528

Outlay: $0

Balance: $528


Income: $4,805

Outlay: $3,560

Balance: $1,245


Total Income 2002: $10,255

Total Expenses 2002: $9,541

Difference: $714

Beginning Balance 2002: $4,875

Ending Balance 2002: $5,589

Difference: $714


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