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Living Peace by Walking Peace:
Monthly Global Silent Walks

Groups around the world are participating in Peace Walks on the third Sundays of the month. People around the world are walking with a slow pace, in silence, with no banners, no chanting, and no polarizing confrontations. They are walking to practice peace, to show that peace is every step, that the voice of peacemaking and peace-building is alive and steady, step by step. The slow pace and the silence of this walk can help us to step into the source of understanding and compassion within us, and to hold everyone with care. Please join us.

In Washington, D.C., the walks start at 6pm at the Buddhist Vihara, 16th Street NW, between Farragut and Gallatin Streets (across the street from Carter-Barron). Contact Joe Toole for more info: <glasstool(at)>.

If you would like to organize a walk where you are, please do so and send contact information to <walkingforpeace(at)>.

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