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Letters to the Washington Mindfulness Community

Dear Friends of the Community of Mindful Living,

Witness for Peace and Buddhist Peace Fellowship present: Buddhist Delegation to Colombia, November 1-13, 2002.

Colombia has endured over forty years of brutal armed conflict from right wing paramilitaries, left wing guerrillas and the government. Despite the violence, the United States has approved nearly $2 billion, mostly in military aid, to fight both the "war on drugs" and the "war on terrorism." Since the U.S. has increased its aid to Colombia in the last two years, political murders and displacement have doubled. Overwhelmingly, the victims of this conflict have been civilians.

This delegation will be a unique opportunity for Buddhists to engage their practice of non-violence and compassion in the midst of Colombia's conflict and bear witness to the suffering of the Colombian people. Buddhists from all different schools are encouraged to apply. Meditation, readings and teachings will be part of our daily schedule.

On this delegation you will:

  • Hear perspectives on Colombia's war from government officials, human rights workers and the U.S. Embassy.

  • Hear testimonies of displaced people and others directly affected by the conflict.

  • Travel to areas outside Bogota to see first-hand the impact of U.S. military assistance.

  • Become part of the national movement to change U.S. policy towards Colombia.

APPLICATIONS: Due by Sept. 1st with $100 deposit. Balance is due by Oct. 1st.

COST: $1,400 plus airfare. This includes all meals, accomodations, facilitation, translation and transportation while in Colombia. Fee also covers briefing materials and extensive training. Fundraising tips will be provided.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Scholarship funds are limited, but fundraising consultation is available. Applicants needing financial assistance have a very successful track record of raising the needed funds.

For an application and more information, contact:

Liza Smith, Tel: (504) 525-4394, e-mail: kali_70116(at), Elizabeth Miller, Witness for Peace National Office, Tel: (202) 588-1471, e-mail: delegations(at), Web:

Dear Sangha Members,

We are asking for your help in disseminating our effort to create an urban Buddhist Co-housing community. Please forward this information to any and all you think may be interested.

Co-housing is a form of private home ownership based in community, (not communal), living. It recreates the closeness of village life both in design and in participation. Co-housing developments attract those who want to live interdependently and pro-actively but also have the benefits of personal ownership and privacy.

We feel co-housing is the best model for those of us who wish to live the Buddhist precepts and practices within a Sangha or community of like-minded lay people. We are looking for pro-active and creative individuals who want live/work situations as they envisage growing into their later years.

We are interested in attracting those committed to their meditation practice and who are also exploring low cost and simple urban housing. Non-denominational, we are looking for those who are interested in sharing in Buddhist precepts and practices without insistence on religious or cultural ties. We wish to explore options in the state of California or other warm sunny climates in states that would provide the best opportunities to achieve our goals.

We are also asking for any practical leads to land options, grant options or other people resources that could help us realize our vision. To learn more about us you may go to


or to contact us respond to

<barbara(at)> or

Please join us.



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