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Winter 2002

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By Erica Hamilton
Eyes of mine
You think you know Truth?
Well, what makes you so savvy?

Your eyes and my eyes
may see more clearly
even if we don't sometimes see
each other so clearly

Can our eyes know
the wisdom of understanding
we see
when we see the beauty of life?

Can you see your heart
in the blooming of a rose?
the smile of a child?
the sounds of a dove's flight?
Can I see my heart in you?

Sometimes I look and look
without seeing
Deeper still I go
"Wait, what is this?" I say as
I uncover treasures I thought lost--
Feelings hiding in notions of Self

And I discover an unveiled moment
so purely
I do understand
the nature of your form
meeting mine
across oceans of misperceptions
This moment has no separation
Your laughter has just arose
in my heart.



By Katherine Hobbs
A demonstration of
who I aspire to be,
I show this to the world, but most of all
the act allows a transformation to occur within.
As my lips curl upwards,
it is as if instantly putting on a pair of rose colored glasses -- smiling, I touch optimism and joy.
Before long, my whole being is smiling.
Every cell in my body -- my fingernails, my skin, my hair, the souls of my feet.
As I breathe in and out, I am aware of my body smile.
Then, I feel an opening. Soon, the crevasse widens, and emerging -- a sense of ease, serenity, peace, joy, equanimity, and light.



By Joseph Byrne
(for Don Taylor)

there is no death, my dear,
because there is no birth

the sea of sorrow is calm;
smooth and clear as a mirror

the laughing sun dances on it;
but the moon, lost, stumbles

shooting stars sing in shells
as they sink to the depths

choose any star to steer by;
give each of them your name

wherever they lead, whether
they flicker or fade, whether

they died before you were even
born - follow them

shining like jewels on your brow,
they will lead you home.

sketch of buddha face


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